Sunday, 21 July 2013

Beauty on the beach part 2

It can be a confusing time for hair on the beach; the mixture of being dipped in the sea, ruffled up in the sand and dried out by the sun can leave your hair a bit worse for wear, but don't panic, I have some fool proof solutions to keep your locks looking luscious on the beach!

First things first, leave the straighteners and hair dryer at home! No place for them on a beach holiday - keep it natural and use the space in your suitcase to pack a few extra bikinis...

1) In the morning use a gentle shampoo and a nourishing conditioner to kick start your hair into shape. I like Simple Gentle Shampoo and Liz Earle Botanical Shine Conditioner together. You should use a product clearing shampoo and a leave in conditioner when you get home to really boost the hair follicles and remove any remaining salt or sand. Aveda do a great range of sensitive hair restoring products Aveda

2) after towel drying, rub a small drop of hair oil on the ends to act as a leave in conditioner and restore some of the moisture lost by the heat. I'm loving body shop's new range of oils for face, body and hair at the moment Beautifying oils

3) for a daytime look thats perfect in the sun, twist hair loosely up in sections all around the crown and then tie up with a hair band- it keeps hair out of your face and the sea all day and gives you a perfect evening look too!

4) after a day at the beach, to save time before you head out for the evening, take a shower at the pool/ beach, then undo your twisted locks, and you will have some tight curls that have been set by the sun- shake out the curls so that that have a more "beachy" look and apply another small amount of oil all over the curls to give them extra shine and radiance and you're ready to roll- day to night in about 2 minutes!

Your nails will look beautifully healthy and white from the sun rays alone, so I always leave them natural and do my feet in a summery coral or classic red which always looks great against black Havaianas and a golden tan!

Final tip: if you have a thirst for something sparkly then crack open some sparkling mineral water- it will quench your thirst and satisfies the bubbly thirst...well, until dinner at least...

Have fun! I'll be back next week to tell you about my favourite holiday indulgence: the French Pharmacy

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