Sunday, 28 July 2013

Le French Pharmacie!

If you're lucky enough to be holidaying in France, then a trip to one of the many pharmacies you'll find on pretty much every street corner is an absolute must!

They're indicated by a flashing green cross and you'll find that some of the larger ones are open very late or even all night.

The treats in store are endless and I have to confess, a visit to these beautiful boutiques is definitely a highlight of any trip across the channel.

Good old fashioned customer service, an Aladdins cove of products, in often antiquated and original old pharmacy buildings, and incredibly knowledgable pharmacists make for a treasurable experience and one that will change your beauty regime forever!

My absolute favourite product for some years now has been Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse. I discovered it about 3 years ago on a trip to the Dordogne. After having spent a bit too much time soaking up the sun by the swimming pool, my friend and I dropped into our local pharmacy for a bit of advice to sooth our leathered skin...I left with a bottle of Huile Prodigieuse which is a dry oil that can be used on body, hair and face and is a combination of 6 precious oils that work together to leave your skin silky smooth even after sun exposure, your hair beautifully soft and it's the only product ill let anywhere near my face at night as I wake up with amazingly radiant skin and given that I have very oily, spot prone skin usually it's a miracle-  I don't know how it just does!!

Another favourite brand from the French pharmacy is the Galenic sun care range: Soins Soleil. The dry oil SPF 15 leaves your skin lovely and shiny and the tan is creates is beautifully golden. You can also never go wrong with Vichy products: named after the old French  royal family (obviously before the revolution)!!

If I haven't sold the French pharmacy enough, you're likely to get lots of lovely free samples with every purchase - what are you waiting for??? Go book that trip to your favourite French hotspot and grab yourself some products that will change your routine forever! 

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